Local CE Opportunities

Natalie Thompson with LifeLine Ambulance would like everyone under Mt. Graham Base Hospital to know about a few classes that are being offered for free by AMR's training department to the subregion. Each of these classes will help to fulfill NREMT's National Continued Competency Program (NCCP) requirements so I would encourage everyone to take a serious look at these classes as they will be very beneficial to us. Below is a breakdown of the different classes offered and the breakdown of how they can apply to the NREMT's NCCP. Natalie has told me she is hoping to get these scheduled annually, so if you have any interest at all, please get in contact with her. The dates that are listed below will happen provided she has at least 10 people per class sign up & you need to let her know by 9/1/17. Her contact info is listed below.

Because of the new requirements on renewing NREMT certifications, this could be a very beneficial thing for local EMS. If you were theoretically able to attend all of these classes, you would only have your local & individual portions left to obtain.

All classes that are both days require attendance both of those days.

Natalie Thompson
(928) 792-7717

Local CE Classes
Mt. Graham Prehospital