CE Day next Friday 9/27 08:00-12:00

Our semi-annual CE Day will be held at EAC next Friday morning.

Because of feedback provided over the past few CE Days, we will be changing up the format of this one. We will not be signing off airway lab/type skills as this will be done in a different format later on.

This CE Day will be a combination of lecture with a few skills stations to practice what we learn during the lecture.

Dr. Hargis will be speaking to us so don't miss out on this awesome training!! He always provides outstanding trainings that are educational and hilarious.

Snacks and lunch will be provided.

Remember, you are required to attend one of these semi-annual trainings every recert cycle (2 years). I will be contacting you if you need to attend this one to remain in good standing with the Base Hospital.

I look forward to seeing you all there!!