New Drug Box Policy

Effective immediately, we will begin following the referenced drug box policy. This replaced any and all former drug box policies (there were a few different ones that I have seen out there). Whether medic or EMT, please take time today to read this and follow-up with either your supervisor or myself. 

Due to recent drug box issues, we have implemented these policy changes. I have highlighted the changes and the more important parts of the policy below.

Please discard any old checkoff sheets and print the attached ALS and BLS sheets. Each document has 2 identical pages, I did this just for ease of double-sided printing if you choose to do it that way (not required). Please use each sheet until it is full but fax/email the form, full or not, to me every Monday morning. 

  • ALS units that are continuously staffed will perform a face-to-face inspection of the ALS & BLS box every crew change. If there are no ALS personnel to do a face-to-face with, an EMT may inspect and sign off.

  • Intermittently staffed units (i.e. Volunteer or on-call units) will have the drug bag inspect at least weekly by 2 EMCTs, 1 being ALS. If these boxes are utilized between then, it will need to be checked off and sealed at each use.

  • EMTs may transport/store a drug box as long as the seal is on the bag and the EMT in possession was one of the people to sign off on the log. If 2 EMTs are handing off the ALS bag so they can keep it in custody, simply write the current tag # in the “Current Seal #” spot and then write BLS check-off in the “New Seal #” spot.

  • Weekly submissions Monday morning of the Event Logs will be required. If you are with a volunteer agency, this may be done the night of your weekly mtgs.

  • A drug bag manifest (like the one that is inside that pharmacy keeps there at all times) will be filled out the first week of each month and submitted to the Prehospital Coordinator.

  • Drugs must be replaced within 24 hrs. If there needs to be an exception made, pharmacy and the Prehospital Coordinator must be made aware of this.

  • Crews may replace drugs of the non-transporting units on scene (i.e. LifeLine can replace Pima/Ft. Thomas’ meds that are used). This is completely up to the crews involved, but it is permissible by the Base Hospital.

  • ALS EMCTs don’t have to fill out the BLS Drug Box Event Log, the signature on the ALS bag event log indicates you have checked the BLS box and contents are as they should be. BLS units will fill out the BLS event log.

  • BLS units can replace their drugs at night if they don’t have enough for future calls by requesting the meds from the ED charge nurse.

Mt. Graham Prehospital