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CE Day April 11th

Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center and the SAEMS Graham/Greenlee Sub-Regional Council will be having a CE Day April 11th, 08:00-12:00 at the Eastern Arizona College EMS Room. Mt. Graham ED will be providing lunch.

We have some very good things planned, and hope everyone that is not working is able to attend.

We will have 2 speakers; Robert Ketchum will be going over the newly revised Trauma Pain Management Protocol, focusing on the administration of low-dose ketamine for pain management. We will also have Misty Thompson, the Stroke Coordinator from St. Joe's Medical Center going over some of the latest advances and changes in stroke care.

We will also be having separate ALS and BLS skill stations this time around to better focus on what each level of care needs for training. For EMTs, this will be a way to get signed off on 6 out of 7 of your STR skills so this is a great training to attend. Paramedics will also have some hands-on skills training that will be very beneficial as well.

Hope to see everyone there!