Graham/Greenlee Counties EMS Training Survey

Regarding Base Hospital/SAEMS Sub-regional Training: *
Regarding Base Hospital/SAEMS Sub-regional Training:
Are the number of trainings offered adequate for being able to recertify and stay current on skills?
Are the trainings pertinent to your level of certification?
Have you ever attended a training in Pima? *
As Sub-regional Chairman, Brandon Little provides monthly trainings located at Pima Fire Department, please indicate if you've ever attended one of his trainings.
If you don't attend Pima's trainings on a regular basis, what has kept you from attending these trainings? *
If more frequent (monthly or otherwise) trainings were offered at the hospital, would you attend those more frequently? *
Ideally, how often would you like to have the option to attend trainings? *
For the larger Base Hospital Trainings (i.e. Skills Days), how often would you like these to take place? *
With the larger trainings, what is an acceptable amount of time for the training? *
Optional Section
If you would like follow-up regarding this survey, please fill out the information below (email or phone is fine, you do not need to include both):